Hard Rock Cafe Valencia focuses on the tigernut milk with Denomination of Origin


The popular restaurant chain unveiled last May its valencian restaurant, a two floors space and more than 1.000 m2 in the city centre of Valencia.

Hard Rock Cafe Valencia has been decided to incorporate one of the most genuinely valencian products; tigernut milk of Valencia to its gastronomic offer.

Just as Hard Rock Cafe Valencia directorate tell us "We knew right from the start that we would want addapt our restaurant to valencian nature and bet on close and high-quality regional suppliers. Valencia tigernut milk is perhaps the product which better presents the city of Valencia, so we have not been hesitant to include it in our culinary offer. Of course, it should be a 100% valencian product and with Denomination of Origin, which guarantee both the product quality and its own originality".

The acceptance is overcoming all consumers expectations. Valencian costumers are surprised by our tigernut milk offer. It is a new positive experience have a tiger nut milk in a "Hard Rock". National and foreign visitors remark that they find interesting to have the posibility of trying this typical drink of Valencia.
For this reason, HRC responsable have decided to keep this product throughout the year and not only during the summer season: "Our intention is both valencian customers and tourists can enjoy it the whole year. Furthermore, tigernut milk can be drunk by itself or mixed with ice cream or served with "fartons" (long sponge cakes)".

From the Regulatory Council of the Valencia Tigernut Milk Mark of Origin, the rating that they receive is extremely positive: "For us and our product is very important have a presence there, at that popular chain restaurant as Hard Rock Cafe, which implies the support to our product and our job". Moreover, they appreciate the bet on this valencian product due to directly impact that it has on the valencian fields conservation and the small farmers who live with it.