Fallas Tigernut Awards 2019

From now until March the 14, the Valencia fallas commissions can sing in the XII edition "Premis Denominació d'Origen Xufa de València", which award the best falleras scenes of the tigernuts from Valencia and tigernut horchata.
The objective of these "Tigernuts from Valencia awards" is to promote the authentic Valencian drink.
Tigernut from Valencia

Recognition of a well done job

These prizes, promoted by the Regulating Council of the Designation of Origin of Tigernut of Valencia, are oriented to recognize the work of the fallas artists and the fallas commissions to support our product; the real tigernut from Valencia.


The first commission will win 200 liters of tigernut Horchata from Valencia (about 1,200 tastings) and a banner. The winners in second and third place will receive 100 liters (600 tastings) and 50 liters (300 tastings) oftigernut from Valencia horchata, respectively.

Competition rules and registration