The hidden benefits of the Chufa of Valencia, from bread to sausage with health properties


A study by the University Miguel Hernandez in Orihuela campus shows the multiple uses of the by-products from tigernut

  • The study, prepared by the University Miguel Hernandez, shows that its consumption could help prevent colon cancer
  • By-products from tigernut have more fiber than oats or kiwi
  • The lower content of soluble fiber gives qualities for use in products such as pastries or meat products
  • Fiber of Chufa from Valencia brings extra nutritional value to foods such as bread, biscuits, cakes, meat, fish or dairy derivatives


November, 19, 2009 .- A recent study by researchers at the Research Group on Industrialization of Animal Products (IPOA), Department of Agricultural and Food Technology, University Miguel Hernandez, and sponsored by the CAM, has concluded that the  by-products  of tigernut from Valencia contain many elements beneficial for food industry and for health. The by products of tigernut from Valencia have a high amount in insoluble fiber with properties beneficial to health because it can help prevent the development of colon cancer, and other pathologies.

The aim of this study was mainly to know the properties of by-products of Chufa of Valencia as a fiber source to enrich food products, from breads and pastries to meat products like  pates and sausages. The researchers analyzed the raw material through chemical analysis, physical-chemical, functional and microbiological.

Furthermore, the findings of the study, supported by the DO Chufa of Valencia, which has been led by the IPOA Research Group of the Polytechnic School of Orihuela, have been published (August 2009) in the prestigious Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry of the American Chemical Society.

Properties unknown

The by-products of Chufa of Valencia can amount to up to 60% of material of groundnut. This material, composed mostly of fiber, is highly demanded by the food industry and the departments of R & D companies engaged in marketing, constantly seek new products that can meet the needs of fiber.

Now, thanks to study by Miguel Hernandez, Valencia Chufa fiber has proved one of the most versatile and beneficial to the food industry. In comparative terms, it was found that sub-groundnut products have more fiber than oatmeal, rice or kiwi.

One of the most interesting conclusions that sheds the study was the finding that the fiber obtained from the sub-products Chufa of Valencia has a very high content of insoluble fiber. This fiber promotes a better functioning of the digestive tract which can prevent disorders of bowel function and even help prevent colon cancer.

Another of the conclusions reached by the study is referred to the proportion of soluble fiber and insoluble fiber by-products of groundnut in Valencia. Thus it has been shown that the fibers analyzed, that of groundnut is an important capacity for water retention, giving important qualities for use in products that require good hydration and conservation as pastries or meat products.

Finally, dietary fiber found in the sub-products of Valencia Chufa can also increase the nutritional value of different foods such as bread, biscuits, cakes, meat products, fish products and milk products.

The Denomination of Origin Chufa of Valencia stands in the certificate of product quality and the Council of the Designation of Origin Chufa of Valencia is the agency responsible for it. The main objective of this D.O. is to ensure the provenance of Valencia and the highest quality of some products such as highly healthy and Chufa Horchata from Valencia, supported by numerous medical studies.


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