•  250 g of Tigernut from Valencia
  •  1 liter of water
  •  110 gr of sugar


Wash the tigernut from Valencia and plac them in a container with enough water to cover, for 6 to 8 hours to get their rehydration. Renew the water every in the tank 3 or 4 hours.

Rinse and disinfect the tigernuts by adding sodium hypochlorite to the wash water (you can use bleach for use in food) for a few minutes with intermittent agitation.

After disinfection, rinse several times to completely remove the sodium hypochlorite.

Crush the washed tigernuts (2 minutes, speed 5-10) with a fraction of very cold water and ice cubes (half a liter). Sieve and pack the paste in a cloth strainer

Homogenize the residue of filtration with the remaining water by stirring (5-speed, 50 seconds) , after that press and sieve.

Add sugar in the extract and dissolve it by stirring.

The horchata thus obtained should be cooled rapidly to temperature of about 0 C degrees. Conserve the horchata at 2 C degrees.

Published by Consejo Regulador D.O. Chufa de Valencia