To concentrate tigernut from Valencia:

     * 300 grs. tigernut.
     * A glass of very cold water with ice cubes to the brim.
     * 100 grs. sugar.

For the mousse of Horchata of tigernut from Valencia:

     * 600 grs. whipped cream
     * 5 mounted to clear snow.
     * 5 sheets of gelatin.
     * 380 grs. condensed milk.
     * 200 grs. Valencia concentrate tigernut-if you can not get the tigernut, put 200 ml of a horchata the best quality you find.
     * 1 cinnamon stick.
     * ½ a lemon peel.


Concentrate of tigernut from Valencia:

    1. Wash the tigernut and put them in water for 12 hours, changing water a few times.
    2. Put the tigernut and the glass of water with ice cubes in the glass of Thermomix and crush a vel. 5-7-9 progressive about 50 secs.
    3. Strain and pour the juice to go from the tigernut and tighten to remove all liquid.
    4. Add sugar and dissolve. We need to obtain 200 ml. This concentrate of tigernut. This concentrate must be prepared and used thereafter.

The mousse of Horchata of tigernut from Valencia:

    1. Mount cream and put it in the fridge.
    2. Place the butterfly, the cast of Valencia concentrate of tigernut with half a lemon peel wholly without scratching, and the cinnamon stick and bring to temp. 80 °, vel. 1, 5 min. Remove with a fork, peel and stick. Remove the butterfly. Add the drained gelatine and mix level. 3-4-5 20 secs. until it is disposed.
    3. Add condensed milk, and mix level. 3-4 about 20 secs. Pour into a large bowl and let cool.
    4. Fitting the clear with a pinch of salt, 6 min. a vel. 3, with the butterfly.
    5. Add to clear the ball-and-tempered to be moved with care.
    6. Finally, add whipped cream to the mixture before, integrating movement with no envelopes to get off.
    7. Try, if you like it sweeter.
    8. Pour the mousse into the mold and put the freezer for 6 hours at least.


For this recipe I used a mold of 22 cm. dismantled, which must be put in the oven for a role that lubricants can smoothly pass the mousse to the plate presentation, taking great care with this paper at a time that we placed on your plate. Is frozen as we work very, very well.
I prepared the cake on Saturday afternoon. I put in the freezer and pulled out a couple of hours before dinner on Sunday and it was perfect because it was very, very cold but not frozen.
The décor is once removed from the freezer. For this I used the classic accompaniment of fartons (two packages). Are split in half. Opens each discarding half the base, and only use the top to enclose the mousse horchata as you can see in the picture. Fix or pressing against the mousse. Decorated with cinnamon. Then, if you give, you wear a tie. In my case I put a burlap and I sewed a couple of cinnamon sticks and a piece of lemon rind.

Recipe created by Susan. Link to the recipe in your blog webos-fritos