The chufas must be cleaned previously to the making of the horchata.

The process of cleanliness begins with the first wash of the groundnut, followed by a germicidal treatment for cleaning it, and a second wash to eliminate possible remains of the germicidal product.

Next, the groundnut is put in soaking for 8-12 hours with intermittent agitation and periodic renewal of the water.

After being subjected to the second germicidal treatment followed by wash and drained, one proceeds to its grinding in a mill. During the grinding a uniform wealth of water is introduced (approximately three liters per kilo of chufa).

The mass of crushed chufa and water is macerated for a time that depends on the duration of the previous dipped. The first extract is obtained by means of pressing, which is later sifted. The residue of the sifter and pressing are mixed, and two liters of water are added per every Kg of groundnut.

Later it is pressed, it is sifted and the second extract that joins the previous one is obtained, and so the final extract is obtained.

The process of production of horchata is completed when dissolving the wished proportion of sugar, in general between 100 and 150 grams per liter of extract, followed by a later sifted. Once it is fried, it is already ready for its delight.