From March to May, we recommend a tour around the area near the University and the terms of Alboraya and Tavernes Blanques to see the planting. At this time, has already finished the tigernut harvesting from previous year and the tubers are drying in "cambras".

A few weeks after plantation, the tuber germinate. Visitors shouldn't miss the opportunity to see the legendary irrigation ditches of Roman origin, improved and expanded by the Arabs.

One of the most impressive and unique thing in this grow is the burning of the aerial parts of the plant before harvesting. The time to enjoy this show starts in November. It may also be a good time to learn the washing process of the tigernut.

 You should take this oportunity to discovering both the mosaic that make up the orchards and crops and the different constructions of this unique area (villages, shrines, and the typical Valencian barracas and farmers' houses).