Fartons Polo launches a tribute to the town of Alboraya to the rhythm of swing


"Horchataland" is the new Fartons Polo campaign that reveals the best place in the world to grow tiger nuts: Alboraya

Fartons Polo today presented its new "Horchataland" campaign, a musical tribute to Alboraya, the land of horchata and fartons. The objective of the brand, with more than 50 years of experience producing natural products, is to discover the locality par excellence of horchata: Alboraya.

For this, the Valencian company has created a musical piece that invites you to explore the different corners of the "huerta valenciana" through dance, music and animation to build a magical universe whose epicenter is the town of Alboraya. "This campaign aims to be an injection of enthusiasm and positivity, now that we need so much to remember and enjoy the good things in life," they point out from Polo.

Inspired by Broadway musicals and Disney movies, the campaign, developed by the Valencian agency Kids, has a protagonist who narrates the benefits of Horchataland, such as its garden, its streets, its beach and, above all, its horchaterías , while touring different locations in the area to the rhythm of swing.

"Barracas" that come to life, dancing palm trees, fartons that rain from the sky and birds that hum the song to convey the main idea of ​​the campaign: if horchata and fartons are that special, it is because they have a very special origin.

The campaign video is available at the following link:


About Fartons Polo

At Fartons Polo they have been producing their natural products for more than fifty years with the aim of feeding generations of families in a healthy and natural way. Currently, the company has more than 120 workers and has opted for the diversification of products and the cultivation of tiger nuts. In 2016 Fartons Polo presented Or, Xata, its own tigernut-based horchata with D.O Valencia and, later, launched a craft beer with tigernut. The company has also developed the brand The Original Chufa Company, which offers a wide variety of tiger nut products such as dressings, salads, smoothies or snacks.